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Catholic Inquisition

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Catholic Inquisition

Catholic Inquisition
with Richard Bennett
60 min

The severity of torture and murder that took place under Papal authority during the 605 years of the Inquisition can now be revealed from the pages of history. From the beginning of the Papacy, until the present time, it is estimated by credible historians that more than 50,000,000, men and women have been slaughtered for the crime of heresy charged against them by Papal Rome. This Video contains actual photographs of some of the instruments of torture that were used.

From John Dowling's The History of Romanism Book 8 Ch. 1, p 542-543, "From the birth of Popery in 600, to the present time, it is estimated by careful and credible historians, that more than fifty million of the human family, have been slaughtered for the crime of heresy by popish persecutors, an average of more than forty thousand religious murders for every year of the existence of Popery." The main credible historians on the Inquisition, besides Dowling himself are Lea, Vancandard, Maycock, Coulton, Turberville and Scott's Church History. The torture chambers of the Inquisition lasted 605 years and were found throughout the nations controlled by Rome. They had their beginning under Pope Innocent III in 1203 until the Inquisition's final dissolution in Spain and Portugal in 1808.

The DVD documents as well twentieth century atrocities of the Vatican working with Roman Catholic dictators such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler; Francisco Franco in Spain, and Antonio Salazar in Portugal. The most brutal and bloodthirsty of all was Anton Pavelic in Croatia four-year reign of terror.


Reviewer: brsean - favorite - November 13, 2016
Subject: Total Judeo-Freemasonic Bullshit
If you want to know the truth about the Inquisition, see the scholarly work, "The Inquisition" by William Thomas Walsh, or see this here at archive:
The jews and freemasons, along with many protestants influenced by them, who more or less hate the Catholic Church, have painted the "Black Legend" re- the Inquisition, just like they have re- the Jesuits, the Crusades, The Church and Science, and so much else.
Reviewer: alvarado68 - favorite - November 9, 2015
Subject: Total NON-sense. Anti-catholic Biased video.
This video is so biased and Anti-Catholic that it cannot be taken seriously or even considered a scholarly or educational.
If you want to see a Non-Catholic honest investigation see the BBC investigative episode of "The Spanish Inquisition Myth"
It shows the tens of thousands of documents and places where the inquisition occurred.
The inquisition was not a torture chamber nor where people were murdered for not being Catholic, but a court of hearing where accused individuals presented their cases with legal representation. I wont spoil the video for you, see it yourself. The False Inquisition propaganda(The Black Legend) of the Anti-cleric, Anti-Catholics or reformers always points to the same accusers using that new invention the Printing press. The real crusades and the real inquisition are what saved Christendom from the Muslim invaders in Europe and freed Muslim enslaved peoples.
It is similar to what the Department of Homeland security is doing today. Court hearing but at a much simpler level.
Reviewer: Ernesto Ezequiel Marmol - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 5, 2015
Subject: Very good documentary.
Thank you very much for sharing this documentary on the horrors, cruelties, and atrocities made by the Roman Catholic Church. I don't have any doubt that such a behavior DO NOT proceed from the Bible nor God but from devil and Satan.
Reviewer: 616josephus - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 3, 2013
Subject: Learning from history, and from the right sources
Well if someone does not like it, it must be worth viewing, especially when criticism is without merit, and the presentation remains historically accurate.

There is a need to learn about History, and also about the history of the manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments. All of these things are important to the defense of the faith. However they are also important in learning about what is true history, and learning how to draw distinctions between what is true in Christianity, from what is sometimes said that is false ABOUT Christianity.

Richard Bennett remains a serious scholar, a man of God, and someone who is consistently accurate in what he states.

For more information on the explanation of the Best Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament by the top Linguistic and Manuscript expert C.D. Ginsburg (who also translated the Hebrew New Testament) :

( Introduction to the Massoretico-critical edition of the Hebrew Bible - Vol # 1 ) . ; ( Masoretico-critical - Vol # 2 ) . ;

The superior and Textually accurate Old Testament written in Hebrew has always been the Old Testament in Hebrew Manuscript, classic edition of 1524-25 [ben chayyim] Printed by Daniel Bomberg , and it remains the best Hebrew Old Testament text, still to this day. This is also the version used to compare to the Dead Sea scrolls and demonstrate that the ancient Hebrew text had NOT been changed nor altered. [ The 1524-25 Old Testament is also the Old Testament in Hebrew that was used by Calvin, and everyone else, until the falsified version of Kittel (apostate occultist) appeared through the Anti-reformation German Bible Society ] . Do your own research. You alone are responsible for the information you accept. Its your eternity.

Available here The Second Rabbinic Bible - ben Hayyim ibn Adonijah

Vol 01, [ The 1524-25 Second Rabbinic Bible – Vol 01 ].
Vol 02, [ The 1524-25 Second Rabbinic Bible – Vol 02 ].
Vol 03, [ The 1524-25 Second Rabbinic Bible – Vol 03 ].
Vol 04 [ The 1524-25 Second Rabbinic Bible – Vol 04 ].

A few sentences will now be translated, to help others. See FURTHER below for more information in ENGLISH ---->



Aquí es el lugar para ubicar los libros historicos, aquí abajo. Usted puede descargar todos estos libros de forma gratuita. Esto es lo que se llama el Antiguo Testamento, y esta escrito en el antiguo idioma hebreo. Esta edicion de 1525 es la copia mas precisa del mundo. Todas las demas copias se comparan con esta copia.
Esta es una copia exacta del historico Viejo Testamento dada por Dios a los antiguos habitantes de Israel. Ahí estan los cuatro volumenes completos disponibles. Usted debe obtener esto mientras puedan. Esta copia es especialmente importante para estudiar, para personas que tienen un interes en los acontecimientos futuros que se produciran. Estos eventos se predijo hace mucho tiempo, en los libros de Daniel, Ezequiel e Isaías. Los libros deben ser leídos en el momento mismo que el ultimo libro del Nuevo Testamento, que a menudo se llama el libro de Apocalipsis o Revelacion. Usted debe descargar los otros libros aquí, durante el tiempo que usted es capaz de hacer esto. Probablemente, usted debe orar y pedirle a Dios que ayude a amar a su verdad, y encontrar y aceptar su verdad tambien.

Her er det rette sted at placere de historiske boger, her nedenfor. Du kan downloade alle disse boger gratis. Dette er, hvad der kaldes Det Gamle Testamente, og det er skrevet i den gamle hebraiske sprog. Denne udgave af 1525 er den mest nojagtige kopi i verden. Alle andre kopier sammenlignes med dette eksemplar.
Dette er en nojagtig kopi af den historiske Gamle Testamente givet af Gud til de gamle Israels folk. Der er de fuldstaendige fire bind tilgaengelige. Du bor indhente dette, mens du er i stand til. Dette eksemplar er isaer vigtigt at studere, for folk, der har en interesse i fremtidige begivenheder, som vil opsta. Disse haendelser blev forudsagt for laenge siden, i boger af Daniel, Ezechiel og Esajas. Disse boger skal laeses pa samme tid som den sidste bog i Det Nye Testamente, som ofte kaldes bog Apocalypse eller abenbaring. Du skal hente de andre boger her, i den tid, du er i stand til at gore dette. Sandsynligvis bor du bede og bede Gud om at hjaelpe dig elsker hans sandhed, og til at finde og acceptere hans sandhed ogsa.


Har ar platsen att hitta de historiska bockerna, har nedan. Du kan ladda ner alla dessa bocker gratis. Detta ar vad som kallas Gamla Testamentet, och det star skrivet i den gamla hebreiska spraket. Denna utgava av 1525 ar den mest exakta kopian i varlden. Alla andra exemplar jamfors med denna kopia. Detta ar en exakt kopia av det historiska Gamla testamentet ges av Gud till de gamla Israels folk. Det finns de fullstandiga fyra volymer tillgangliga. Du bor fa detta nar du kan. Detta exemplar ar sarskilt viktigt att studera, for manniskor som har ett intresse i framtida handelser som kommer att intraffa. Dessa handelser forutspadde for lange sedan, i bockerna om Daniel, Hesekiel och Jesaja. Dessa bocker maste lasas samtidigt som den sista boken i Nya Testamentet, som ofta kallas bok Uppenbarelseboken eller uppenbarelse.
Du bor hamta de andra bockerna har under den tid som du har mojlighet att gora detta. Formodligen bor du be och be Gud att hjalpa dig alskar hans sanning, och att hitta och acceptera hans sanning ocksa.


Hier ist der Ort, um die historischen Bucher zu finden, hier unten. Sie konnen alle diese Bucher kostenlos herunterladen. Dies ist, was das Alte Testament genannt, und es wird in der alten hebraiischen Sprache geschrieben. Diese Ausgabe von 1525 ist die genaue Kopie der Welt. Alle anderen Kopien sind mit dieser Kopie verglichen.
Dies ist eine genaue Kopie der historischen Alten Testament von Gott zu den alten Volk Israel gegeben. Es gibt die komplette vier Banden zur Verfugung. Sie sollten sich dies, wahrend Sie in der Lage sind. Diese Kopie ist besonders wichtig, um zu studieren, fur Leute, die ein Interesse an zukunftige Ereignisse, die eintreten mussen. Diese Ereignisse wurden vor langer Zeit, in der Bucher Daniel, Ezechiel und Jesaja vorausgesagt. Diese Bucher mussen in der gleichen Zeit wie das letzte Buch des Neuen Testaments, die oft genannt wird das Buch der Apokalypse oder Offenbarung gelesen werden. Sie sollten die anderen Bucher hier herunterladen, wahrend der Zeit, dass Sie in der Lage, dies zu tun. Wahrscheinlich sollten Sie beten und Gott zu bitten, Ihnen liebe seine Wahrheit zu finden und zu akzeptieren, seine Wahrheit auch.


Hier is de plek om de historische boeken vinden, hier beneden. U mag al deze boeken gratis. Dit is wat er in het Oude Testament genoemd, en het is geschreven in de oude Hebreeuwse taal. Deze editie van 1525 is de meest nauwkeurige kopie in de wereld. Alle andere kopieen worden vergeleken met dit exemplaar.
Dit is een nauwkeurige kopie van de historische Oude Testament door God aan het oude volk van Israel. Er zijn de volledige vier volumes beschikbaar. U moet krijgen dit terwijl je in staat zijn om. Dit exemplaar is vooral belangrijk om te studeren, voor mensen die een belang hebben in de toekomst gebeurtenissen die zullen plaatsvinden. Deze gebeurtenissen werden lang geleden voorspeld, in de boeken van Daniel, Ezechiel en Jesaja. Die boeken moeten worden gelezen op hetzelfde tijdstip als het laatste boek van het Nieuwe Testament, die vaak wordt genoemd het boek van de Apocalyps of openbaring. U moet hier downloaden de andere boeken, gedurende de tijd dat u in staat bent om dit te doen. Waarschijnlijk moet je bidden en God vragen om je te helpen houden Zijn waarheid, en te vinden en accepteren ook Zijn waarheid.

C'est l'endroit ideal pour trouver des livres historiques, ici-bas. Vous pouvez telecharger tous ces livres gratuitement. C'est ce qu'on appelle l'Ancien Testament, et il est ecrit dans l'ancienne langue hebraiique. Cette edition de 1525 est la copie la plus precise au monde. Toutes les autres copies sont compares avec cette copie.
Il s'agit d'une copie exacte de la vieille Testament donnee par Dieu a l'ancien peuple d'Israel. Il ya quatre ouvrages complets et disponibles. Vous devriez obtenir ceci alors que vous etes en mesure de le faire. Cette copie est particulierement important d'etudier, pour les personnes qui ont un interet pour les evenements futurs qui vont se passer. Ces evenements ont ete predits il ya longtemps, dans les livres de Daniel, Ezechiel et Isaiie. Ces livres doivent etre lus en meme temps que le dernier livre du Nouveau Testament, qui est souvent appele le livre de l'Apocalypse ou Revelation.Vous devez telecharger les autres livres ici, pendant le temps que vous etes capable de faire cela. Probablement, vous devriez prier et demander a Dieu de vous aider a aimer sa verite, et a trouver et a accepter sa verite aussi.

Iste burada asagıda, tarihi kitaplar bulmak icin bir yerdir. Ucretsiz olarak bu kitapların tüm indirebilirsiniz. Bu Eski Ahit'te ne denir, ve o eski Ibrani dilinde yazılmıstır. 1525 Bu surum dunyanın en dogru kopyasıdır. Diger tum kopyaları bu kopya ile karsılastırılmıstır. Bu Israil eski insanlar icin Allah tarafından verilen tarihi Eski Ahit dogru bir kopyasıdır. Mevcut tum dort birimleri vardır. Eger mumkun ise bu edinmelidir. Bu kopya meydana gelecek olaylara ilgi duyan kisiler icin, calısmak icin ozellikle onemlidir. Bu olaylar, Daniel Ezechiel ve Isaya kitaplarında, uzun zaman once tahmin edildi. Bu kitaplar genellikle Apocalypse veya vahiy kitabı denir Yeni Ahit, son kitap olarak aynı anda okumak gerekir. Eger bunu yapmak mumkun oldugu sure icinde, burada diger kitaplar yuklemeniz gerekir. Muhtemelen, dua ve O'nun gercegi sevmeye yardım icin Tanrı sormak, hem de O'nun gercegi bulmak ve kabul etmek gerekir.

Berikut adalah tempat untuk mencari buku-buku sejarah, di sini di bawah. Anda dapat men-download semua buku-buku secara gratis. Ini adalah apa yang disebut Perjanjian Lama, dan ditulis dalam bahasa Ibrani kuno. Edisi tahun 1525 adalah salinan paling akurat di dunia. Semua salinan lain dibandingkan dengan salinan ini.
Ini merupakan salinan akurat dari Perjanjian Lama bersejarah yang diberikan oleh Allah kepada orang-orang Israel kuno. Ada empat lengkap volume yang tersedia. Anda harus mendapatkan ini sementara Anda mampu. Salinan ini sangat penting untuk belajar, bagi orang-orang yang memiliki kepentingan dalam peristiwa masa depan yang akan terjadi. Peristiwa tersebut diperkirakan waktu yang lama, dalam kitab Daniel, Ezechiel dan Yesaya. Buku-buku yang perlu dibaca pada waktu yang sama sebagai kitab terakhir dari Perjanjian Baru, yang sering disebut kitab Wahyu atau wahyu. Anda harus men-download buku-buku lain di sini, selama waktu yang Anda mampu melakukan hal ini. Mungkin, Anda harus berdoa dan meminta Tuhan untuk membantu Anda mencintai kebenaran-Nya, dan untuk menemukan dan menerima kebenaran-Nya juga.

Narito ang lugar upang hanapin ang makasaysayang aklat, dito sa ibaba. Maaari mong i-download ang lahat ng mga aklat na ito para sa libreng. Ito ay kung ano ang tinatawag na ang Lumang Tipan, at ito ay nakasulat sa sinaunang wika ng Hebreo. Ito edisyon ng 1525 ay ang pinaka-tumpak na kopya sa mundo. Lahat ng iba pang mga kopya kumpara sa kopya na ito. Ito ay isang tumpak na kopya ng makasaysayang Lumang Tipan na ibinigay ng Diyos sa sinaunang mga tao ng Israel. Mayroong ang kumpletong apat na mga volume magagamit. Dapat kang kumuha ito habang ikaw ay magagawang. Kopya na ito ay lalong mahalaga upang pag-aralan, para sa mga tao na may isang interes sa mga kaganapan sa hinaharap na mangyayari. Mga kaganapang ito ay hinulaang ng isang mahabang oras na ang nakalipas, sa aklat ng Daniel, Ezechiel at Isaias. Mga aklat na iyon ay kailangan upang basahin sa parehong oras bilang huling aklat ng Bagong Tipan, na kung saan ay madalas na tinatawag na aklat ng pahayag o paghahayag. Dapat mong i-download ang iba pang mga aklat dito, sa panahon ng oras na ikaw ay magagawang upang gawin ito. Marahil, dapat mo manalangin at hilingin sa Diyos upang makatulong na gustung-gusto mo ang Kanyang katotohanan, at upang mahanap at tanggapin ang Kanyang katotohanan din.

Berikut adalah tempat untuk mencari buku-buku bersejarah, di sini di bawah. Anda boleh memuat turun semua buku-buku ini secara percuma. Ini adalah apa yang dipanggil Perjanjian Lama, dan ia ditulis dalam bahasa Ibrani kuno. Ini edisi 1525 adalah salinan yang paling tepat di dunia. Semua salinan lain dibandingkan dengan salinan ini.
Ini adalah salinan tepat Perjanjian Lama yang bersejarah yang diberikan oleh Tuhan kepada orang-orang purba Israel. Terdapat lengkap empat jilid disediakan. Anda perlu mendapatkan ini manakala anda boleh. Salinan Ini adalah penting terutamanya untuk belajar, untuk orang-orang yang mempunyai kepentingan dalam peristiwa masa depan yang akan berlaku. Peristiwa-peristiwa ini telah meramalkan masa yang lama lalu, dalam buku Daniel, Ezechiel dan Yesaya. Buku-buku perlu dibaca pada masa yang sama sebagai buku terakhir Perjanjian Baru, yang sering dipanggil buku Apocalypse atau wahyu. Anda perlu memuat turun buku-buku lain di sini, pada masa yang anda mampu untuk melakukan ini. Mungkin, anda perlu berdoa dan meminta Allah untuk membantu anda suka kebenaran-Nya, dan untuk mencari dan menerima kebenaran-Nya juga.

Aqui e o lugar para localizar os livros historicos, aqui abaixo. Voce pode baixar todos os livros de graca. Isto e o que e chamado de o Antigo Testamento, e e escrito em hebraico antigo. Esta edicao de 1525 e a copia mais preciso do mundo. Todas as outras copias sao comparados com esta copia. Esta e uma copia exata do Testamento velho historico dado por Deus ao antigo povo de Israel. Ha os quatro volumes completos disponíveis. Voce deve obter isso enquanto voce e capaz. Essa copia e especialmente importante para o estudo, para as pessoas que tem interesse em futuros eventos que irao ocorrer. Estes acontecimentos foram previstos ha muito tempo, nos livros de Daniel, Ezequiel e Isaías. Esses livros precisam ser lidos ao mesmo tempo como o ultimo livro do Novo Testamento, que e muitas vezes chamado o livro de Apocalipse ou revelacao. Voce deve baixar os outros livros aqui, durante o tempo que voce e capaz de fazer isso. Provavelmente, voce deve orar e pedir a Deus para ajuda-lo a amar a Sua verdade, e para encontrar e aceitar a sua verdade tambem.




Ginsburg's Hebrew Hebraic Jewish New Testament - Nouveau Testament Juif Hebreu -

[ # 1 ] . ; [ # 2 ] . ; [ # 3 ]. ; [ # 4 ]. ; [ # 5 ]. ; [ # 6 ]. ; [ # 7 ]. ; [ #8 ].;


Ethiopic Ethiopian Amharic New Testament - Nouveau Testament Ethiopien

[ # 1 ] . ; [ # 2 ] . ; [ # 3 ]. ; [ # 4 ]. ; [ # 5 ]. ; [ # 6 ]. ; [ # 7 ].


For information on Jesus the Messiah, written by Alfred Edersheim (Oxford), see The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

[ Life and Times by Edersheim - Vol 01 ]. ; [ Edersheim - Vol 02 ]. ;

[ Prophecy and history in relation to the Messiah by Edersheim (1885)]. ; ( The Temple - its ministry and services as they were at the time of Jesus Christ by Edersheim ) . ; [ History of the Jewish nation - after the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus by Edersheim ]. ;

[ Who is the Messiah proved from the Ancient Scriptures ]. ;

For the Gap between the Old Testament times and the New Testament times, see the work of Prideaux, In The Old and New Testaments connected : in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the declensions of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of Christ (1823)

[ Prideaux Vol # 1 ] . ; [ Prideaux Vol # 2 ] . ;

For the ancient Koine Greek Historic Received Text (New Testament) of the early followers of Jesus,
[ Ancient Greek New Testament ]. ;

For the historic (1611) King James Version
[ KJV - King James Version of Bible - 1611]. ;

English Dictionary, Vol 1 ;. English Dictionary, Vol 2 ;

For information on the historic and accurate New Testament manuscripts, (as opposed to the counterfeit manuscripts)

as opposed ; to ; the ; counterfeit ; manuscripts ; ) . Consult the books by Professor John Burgon (Oxfod). In his Trilogy of books on the subject of the Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament and Textual Criticism .. This trilogy of books by noted Scholar J.W. Burgon are:

1) The traditional text of the Holy Gospels. ; 2) The causes of the corruption of the traditional text of the Holy Gospels . ; and - of course 3) The Revision of Westcott & Hort Revised .

Professor Burgon (Oxford) discussed the strength and weaknesses of the historic Greek New Testament (linked herein) and the altered and much weaker and corrupted modernized versions.

( If you are not familiar with the accuracy of the Bible, see the work on Historical Evidences of the truth of the Scripture records ; by Rawlinson [Oxford], one of the founders of Biblical Archeology.)

For the historic Geneva Bible,
[ Geneva Bible ]. ;

For other books concerning the Tabernacle of the Ancient Hebrew Children of Israel under Moses, or for
information about the Second Temple, see the work of Caldecott
[ The Tabernacle; its history and structure (1904) ]. ;
[ The second temple in Jerusalem - history and its structure ]. ;
[ Herod's Temple - its New Testament associations and its actual structure ] ;


If you are seeking information about the study of theology and a deeper understanding of the Old and New Testament, you may want to consider the following books

Sound & Solid Commentaries ; on the Old Testament: Ebenezer Henderson

[ Commentary - The book of the prophet Jeremiah and that of the Lamentations - Henderson].

[ Commentary - The book of the prophet Isaiah - Henderson].

[ Commentary - book of the prophet Ezekiel - translated from the original Hebrew- Henderson].

[ Commentary - The book of the twelve Minor prophets - translated from the original Hebrew- Henderson].

[ Memoir of the Rev E Henderson including his labours in Denmark, Iceland, Russia, etc].

Spanish-Espagnol-Espanol New Testament, Old Testament

Spanish-Espagnol-Espanol Nuevo Testamento ;. Old Testament ;

Who is Jesus ;. Christ ; ? What is the definition of a true Christ (which means Messiah) follower ? ;

What is some of the historic evidence ;or proof for the accuracy of the Bible ?

What about an actual return of the historic Jesus ? ;. What is this, When is this, Why will this happen ?

Is there a spiritual occult secret organization ;? No need to bring up the special spirit-guides who are claiming to minister through the Talmud . ( or read same text in Hebrew ; ) and Zohar .. And among the main problems has been historically located in the royal aristocracies ;of europe, that no one wants to discuss ., especially not in Europe.

Charts of the details of Time known as Jacob's trouble ( End of the World ? – you decide ) ;.

As others have noticed, there will be several claiming to be the Messiah, the Jewish Messiah, the Christian Messiah, which Christian Messiah ?; the Islamic ; Messiah ;, they cannot all be right ; And the Christian claim is often that Jesus comes first by snatching away those whom He has claimed ; as His.
Then the fireworks around the world begin ., coordinated by a counterfeit Messiah who controls ; the entire planet, with his cashless system ;. ( Hidden jurisdiction ) . And after that time (often understood to be Seven Years), then Jesus Christ comes back this time to clean up the mess created by Satan-Lucifer and his millions of fallen angels ( which are now demons).
Of course, we should keep in mind that most of these books are only some possible places to start. Each reader must make up his / her own mind, and pursue the course of study as they chose, and then the results will be evidenced.

The Lost 10 Tribes

This specific mention is NOT for those who want to believe conclusions WITHOUT evidence, or for those who simply want to believe that “ they ” are the lost tribes. The following accounts below [eyewitness acounts and written records by travelers and scholars ] would be for those who are actually seeking truth, accuracy, and historic evidence, and cmparing that with a detailed study of scripture. These are eyewitness accounts about those who actually found the Lost tribes and spoke to them. These books should all be read together, if possible, as the contents each tell of different events.

The remnant found, or, The place of Israel's hiding discovered ... (1841) .

Dr. Grant and the Mountain Nestorians By Thomas Laurie .

Missionary Researches in Armenia- Including a Journey Through Asia Minor – 1834 .

The Nestorians - or, The lost tribes: containing evidence of their identity(1841) .

An appeal on behalf of the Jews scattered in India, Persia, and Arabia (1840) .

Ethiopia in exile- Jamaica revisited .

The history of the ten lost tribes; Anglo-Israelism examined (1915) .


Persian Farsi New Testament - Nouveau Testament persan [Perse - Iran] - Farsça Yeni Ahit - Nuevo Testamento persa - Persisch Neuen Testament - Testamento Novo persa

[ # 1 ] . ; [ # 2 ] . ; [ # 3 ]. ; [ # 4 ]. ; [ # 5 ]. ; [ # 6 ]. ; [ # 7 ]. ; [ #8 ]. ; [ # 9 ]. ;


New Testament Azerbaijan ( Azeri ) – Central Asia Caucasus – Arabic Script - Nouveau Testament Asie Centrale - nieuwe testament Centraal-Azie - Neuen Testament Zentralasien - Новый Завет в Центральной Азии

The complete and entire New Testament is available. These are just a few of the links.

( # 1 ) ; ( # 2 ) (Marc) . ; ( # 3 ) (Luke) . ; ( # 4 ) (John) . ; ( # 5 ) (Acts) . ; ( # 6 ) (Romans) . ; ( # 19 ) (hebr) . ; ( # 20 ) (James) . ; ( # 21 ) ( I Peter) . ; ( # 22 ) (II Peter) . ; ( # 23 - # 24 - # 25 ) (I John, II John, III John) . ; ( # 26 ) (Jude) . ; ( # 27 ) (Revelation) . ;


Urdu (Pakistan, India. etc) ;

Arabic ;

The Old Testament - translated from original Hebrew into the Hindustani (Urdu) language ;

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments (1820) in Assamese (India), translated in Devanagari [Sanskrit] characters ; Actual Sanskrit N.T. here .

Genesis (first book of Pentateuch) in Marathi (India) ;


[ Old and New Testaments - Chinese literary language [1902] Schereschewsky ].

[ 1875 Chinese Mandarin Easy Wen-li Old Testament of Schereschewsky ].

For those who must study the issues in textual criticism (which are often misleading), such as the work of seduced Tregelles (seduced by Nestle) ; (translator of Gesenius ), or corrupted Tischendorf (who states that he altered the New Testament in his 8th edition, in more than three thousand 3000+ places), who obtained his manuscript thanks to an Inquisition-pope, it is possible to find some answers in the work of Hoskier, Burgon, Edward Miller ;, Scrivener ;, Haldane, Sir Robert Anderson, and others. But more often than not, the false field of Textual criticism is used to dispossess people of their faith, or to prevent them from obtaining saving faith. Of course, for this to happen, people are errantly convinced to accept incorrect information. So there is a need to study to prevent this. Nestle (as in Nestle-Aland) have done much along with Nida, to give people corrupted texts, from which they can neither perceive, defend nor apprehend that which is true from that which is false. The [Kittel/W/H] NKJV, TEV, CEV, NIVi, ESV, [W&H] Chinese union version, etc, and the others are designed to induce people to accept incorrect information, which most do because they do not do serious study, and as the text itself says, they do NOT have a love of the truth. (they would of course object to this, but don't expect that to translate to actual work, or study, which would involve time, effort, commitment, motivation, dedication, study skills, reading, thinking, spending time with God, etc). We understand: most people in church are not seeking truth. What they often want is comfort, just enough to make them happy and content without seeking truth. That is the spiritual status of many people today who sit in pews and chairs on Sunday morning.

Also, this small item still contains a LOT of important questions ;
that corrupted-version advocates, have not answered.

Translators of the King James Bible ; Version of 1611


Take the time and learn n-o-w, while you can.

Do you remember the words of scripture :

II Timothy 2: 15 Study [ STUDY !!! ] to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly [RIGHTLY] dividing the word of truth.
16 But shun [i.e. stay away from] profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

II Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.
20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.
21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.
22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Its what you actually [ ACTUALLY !!! ] do, what you actually[ ACTUALLY !!! ] study. Stop waiting for others to help you, and start helping yourself. The day will soon come when none of this may be around, and then all you will have is what you know, in your head, in your own mind.

Pray for yourself that you will wake up from your coma, that you would have a love of God, a love of His true and authentic Word (Bible), a deep desire to study the Word, and that God would show you how to have the spiritual and personal inner strength for these times. Pray that you would not waste your time, but that you would value and do what God wants you to do and value., and that HE would help you find the answers you are looking for.

What people MUST believe about God, in order to find Him and why Faith in God is neccessary ------- Hebrews 11: 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

To restate the obvious:
YOU = “ he that cometh to God “
1) that he is, [ That God exists] , and
2) that he is a rewarder of them that diligently [ DILIGENTLY !!! ] seek him.

Luke 21: 8
8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

II Thess 2
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness ... because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

( what did they receive not ? This means that there is something that certain ones chose not to receive. What is that ?? )


Example: what they often don’t talk about in church:

Titus 2: 1
But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:
2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.
3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
6 Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.
7 In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine showing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.
9 Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things; not answering again;
10 Not purloining, but showing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.
11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;


Obviously, the links will only take you to the pages for the Free PDF. What you download is your choice.

Reviewer: DES_Toronto - favorite - March 27, 2012
Subject: anti-Catholic bias ruins what could have been an interesting film
This video sets out to describe the Inquisition in such a way as to blacken the name of the Roman Catholic Church, not only in its medieval forms but even as it exists today (listen to the opening song). This is unfortunate, because the plain, unbiased facts of the Inquisition should have been enough on their own to trouble the minds of all viewers. The film sounds amateur and highly prejudiced because the main point it wants to make is of the wickedness of the Church rather than simply telling the story of the Inquisition. It is not a film to watch to learn the facts of the Inquisition. It endlessly refers to the victims as "Bible-believers," a most unhistorical term. To suggest, as it does, that the Albigensians were "Bible-believers" is an absurd characterization, and the same historical absurdity applies to the converted Jews who died in the Inquisition. The viewer may glean something from the film, if he or she is forever alert to the distortions that always accompany such bias, but really the film was made by some sort of group of Protestant Christians who want to promote hatred against Catholics. It is not recommended.
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